Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stay tunned

I've decided to start posting again, i've recently extended my area of improvement so i would like to tackle some very nice JEE solutions. I will try to post at least once a week about spring,hibernate,spring mvc and other technologies that came to my attention this past year.

So...Stay tunned

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Back

After a long time away from this blog , i've managed to clear my thoughts and get back here. From now on i will try to post at least once every week. I'm not sure if i should continue with the UML diagrams now , so thus this week i'll make you a short intro in HADOOP/HB ASE. So will see you all soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hy there if you want to follow this blog you can do you so on Twitter as from today all posts from this blog will automatically be tweeted :D . To follow my tweets just click the link bellow:


Ok so now you know where to store the projects....and although i should have started with other stages of Software Engineering , i have given you and intro into Subversion/Version Control. What i intend to do in the next days is to present you the UML diagrams concept and as many of the types of diagrams as i can ( there are 8 of them i think so that's not that hard to do :P ). You will get to learn how useful they are and how much they ease your work. Ok so before i get started with this new chapter i dare you to checkout the craziest new thing around there...Google Gadgets :))

P.S. google isn't paying me a cent for this so don't blame me for masked advertising :))


Hy there guys, i'm back after a rather short spring holiday :(. Well i think it's about time i told you a thing or two about Mercurial , as i've stated in some previous posts it's a version control software. To be honest Mercurial is similar in all ways to GIT , the only thing that is slightly different is the interface. Mercurial clients also have the bash console that GIT has and it's optimised for Windows/Linux/MacOS connections. As there are many similarities between them i will only post download link/tutorial links etc. just to give you another choice for when you begin the software engineering . The benefits of Mercurial are owed to the fact that it's been written in Phyton (which is one of those "universal"/portable programming languages.

Mercurial website + download links:

http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki (contains different versions of Mercurial + changelogs)

Mercurial tutorial:

And a hosting server for Mercurial projects:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter present called Lockerz :D

Hi there guys...some of you might have heard of Lockerz . What is Lockerz? Well it's a website that "pays" you to watch vids , answer to questions and soon many more . The principle is simple , you watch the vids get some points and then you exchange them for prizes once a month during a period that is know as Redemption . The prizes are fabulous , like iPads , iPods , mACs , PSP , XBOX360 , XBOX Live and many more. If you want to be part of it and win prizes by simply watching the videos you'd watch on youtube just contact me on Yahoo IM bogdan32x@yahoo.com and i'll give you an invitation.

Cheers ;) and happy Easter to all those that celebrate it , for the rest enjoy the small holiday.

P.S. some users from around europe have reported slight bugs when watching vids , if you find that the vids aren't working for you i suggest to do the following:
1)go to Control Panel
2)open the Netork Connections tab
3)go to Local Area Connections
4) right click and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
5)click properties and check the Use DNS server adress
6) in the two fields enther the following adresses:
Preffered DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :
7)enjoy the vids , make those points and redeem a prize for yourself :D

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iTChallenge Checkpoint 1

Well things are going from good to better i could say :)) . We are harvesting our resources to a full extent i could say. Agile design seems to be quite agile :)) . Ideas have been written down, terms have been set, deadlines for the first prototypes and of course as much research as possible. As far as i am concerned i am pleased on how things are going...the only thing that remains is to make sure that we are team to all extents and that this project will define ( i hope ) the way in which we will see future projects in our lives. Before i end this short post i want to say good luck to all the competitors and remember one thing , we are here first to have fun , second to learn new things and last but not least to become friends :P

Wishes for a bright and cheerful Easter!

Yours truly,
Bogdan Mariesan (the future Bill Gates =)) )

P.S. If you want more info on iTChallenge you can either check the competitions URL